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Chapter 10

The Whirlpool

Captian Nemo was not the I thought he was I had respect for him as a scientist, but he murdered those men on the other ship!

After the terrible battle whit the enemy ship, everything on the Nautilus was quiet. I did not see Captain Nemo or any of his men. We travelled underwater , never coming up except for air. Ned and Conseil stayed in their rooms. We all felt the same.

Now, the adventure of the Nautilus was not exciting or interesting. It was ugly  and deadly. The only thing we wanted was to escape.
Ned Land came into my room one night and woke me up. We were in the North Sea, near the coast of Norway.
"Professor, wake up!" The boat's raedy. Now is the time!"
"Can you see Land?"
"Yes, about twenty miles away. We have to try!"
"I agree."
"I'II go up first. Conseil is there. Wait for two minutes, then come up after me. If anyone stops you, kill then."
Ned Land  put a fishing knife in my hand and left the room. I looked around one more time. This waw my home for nine months. For mostof that time I enjoyed it, but now I had to leave. As I walked through the museum to the stairs, I heard music coming from Captain Nemo's library. I listened to him playing the piano, and I throuht I heard him say,
"Enough. Oh God , enough!"
Those were Captain Nemo's last words.
I found Ned Land and Conseil in the small boat on the platform. Ned worked quickly to set it free The Nautilus suddenly began to turn round in circles. The men below began to shout.
"What's happening, sir?"
"I don't know."
"Get ready. I'm  almost finished."
Suddenly, i thought I understood what the men below said in their strange language. The Nautilus was in a whirlpool. The waters off the coast of Norway were famous for this. Boats which