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Chapter 10                                            Man's World

Weedon lived in the country on a large farm with his wife and children, his father and sisters and all their servants. Everyone on the farm was afraid of White Fang - except for Collie. She was one of the farm dogs, and it was her job to look after the chickens. She followed White Fang everywhere he went, and growled at him. She made his life very difficult, so White Fang pretended to be asleep when she was near. That was the only thing that kept her quiet.
Weedon did his best to train White Fang. He wanted everybody to accept this wolf-dog from the wild. White Fang was very clever. He knew that his master loved his children more than anything, and he knew that he must never hurt them. Whatever pleased his master, White Fang accepted. Whatever made him angry, White Fang knew was wrong. This was how he learned the rules.

But there were still difficult lessons for him to learn. White Fang found the chicken house on the farm, and one night he killed fifty chickens. Weedon's father, Judge Scott, was very angry. And so was Collie!
"Weedon, if that wolf kills one more chicken, I'll shoot him!" "Father, I know White Fang. Leave him alone with the chickens once more, and if he kills any, I'll give you one gold coin for each one."      
"And if he kills none?"
"You'll tell him he's the best wolf-dog in the world!"
Weedon showed White Fang the dead chickens and simply said "No! Never!" Then, he left the wolf alone in the chicken house for one afternoon. White Fang went to sleep. When he woke up, Weedon Scott and his father were standing next to him.
"Well, Dad?"
"O.K.White Fang, you're the best wolf-dog in the world."
Alice, Weedon's wife, still did not trust the dog. She thought he was dangerous for the children. But that all changed one day.
One afternoon, Weedon went riding and took White Fang with him. A rabbit jumped out in front of the horse and scared it. The horse threw Weedon onto the ground. Weedon broke his leg and could not move. They were miles from home. When White Fang saw his master in pain, he attacked the horse, but Weedon shouted,
"No, White Fang! You must go home!"
White Fang did not understand at first.
White Fang knew the word, but he did not want to leave his master. "Home!"
Finally, White Fang left, but he looked back several times to make sure that his master was all right. When he could not see his master anymore, he ran as only a wolf can. When he got to I he house, the children tried to play with him, but he growled at them. Alice came running out.
"You see that? I don't trust that animal with the children!"
The whole family was now outside in front of the house. White fang went to Alice and pulled at her dress with his teeth.
"What's he doing?"
White Fang ran around nervously. He looked at them, and he tried to make them understand. He made strange sounds.
"I think he's trying to talk," said the Judge.
Wolves cannot bark. They howl. But this time, as White Fang was trying to make them understand, a strange sound started in his throat. With all his strength, he barked for the first time In his life, Suddenly, Alice realized that something was very wrong     "Weedon's in trouble! Oh Father, get the horses! We must find him!"
White Fang barked again, and he began to run. He showed them where Weedon was. After that, nobody thought badly of the wolf-dog again - except for judge Scott. He could not trust White Fang completely.
"Weedon, I still don't believe that a wild animal can learn to live with people and live by people's rules."
"I think White Fang once lived like a dog, or he has some dog in him. I don't know ... but he's probably the only one who lived his life as both a wolf and a dog."
Strangely, Collie seemed to like White Fang now. They often ran together through the fields and the woods just like Kiche and One Eye used to. At night, Alice let White Fang sleep inside the house, so that he could protect the family.
One night, when everyone was asleep, White Fang heard a noise. It was dark everywhere, but he smelled a stranger in the house. This stranger made no sound but walked quietly to the bottom of the stairs. White Fang walked quietly behind the stranger. He knew that the stranger was a bad man - and he sensed danger. The man started to go upstairs towards his master's bedroom. Suddenly, White Fang jumped at the man and put his teeth around the man's throat. The man and White Fang fell down the stairs together,
A horrible fight began and the man took a gun out of his pocket and shot White Fang. But White Fang held on to the man's throat. The family woke up with all the noise. When they turned on the lights, they saw the two bodies at the bottom of the stairs. Judge Scott recognized the man.
Thai's Jim Hall! He escaped from prison last week!"
"He won't be going anywhere again, Dad. I think he's dead..."
"... and the wolf killed him - and saved us! Father, please get the doctor!"
The doctor came to look at White Fang.
"He's got a lot of broken bones and took three bullets. I don't think he can get well."
"But we must help him! Please do everything you can!" said fudge Scott.
White Fang did get well, but it was many weeks before he could stand up. He was very weak. The family watched him one evening as he walked for the first time after his accident. They followed him to the stable where Collie was laying with some puppies. Some looked like Collie and some looked like White fang. When she first saw White Fang, Collie growled at him. Weedon held onto Collie and White Fang went to look at the pups. One licked him on the nose. White Fang was surprised, but he licked the pup back. Somehow, he knew these were his pups. Collie stopped growling and looked at White Fang in a new way.
Suddenly, White Fang thought of his mother, Kiche, and how they hunted together like wolves. He felt the call of the wild, but he did not want to leave his new home - or his new family. The moon was full and the sky was bright with stars. White Fang stood up and howled. His voice traveled from the man's world, through the forests, back to the land of the wild.



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Rend or listen to Chapter Wand fill in the gaps with no more than three words.
1    Only Collie, one of………….., was not afraid of White Fang.
2    Judge Scott was very angry when White Fang……………….   
3    White Fang…………..where Weedon was after his accident.
4    When a stranger went into the house one night White Fang knew that…………….   
5    When White Fang got well, he………………..for the first time.
What do you think?
1    What do you think White Fang was thinking when he attacked the stranger in Weedon's house?
2    Who were 'the two bodies' the family saw at the bottom of the stairs?
3    Make a list of the rules we should teach animals when they live with people.
language Practice
Write the words from the box that you think best describe the characters. You can use the same word for more than one character.
ugly,  horrible, clever, cruel, strong, fast, gray, wild, special, powerful, unimportant, kind, nice, thankful, true, hard, mean, thin, well-dressed
White Fang……………………….
Beauty Smith……………………..
Weedon Scott…………………….
Culture Corner
In White Fang's time in the Yukon, people used sleds pulled by dogs for transport because nothing else could travel in the heavy snow. What other animals around the world can you think of that are used for transport? In your own part of the world, what kind of transport is used to take people, food and products from  one place to another? Draw a picture of your favourite  kind of transport and explain why you like it, e.g. a donkey, a train, etc.
What’s the moral
A moral is a lesson that you can learn from a story about what is right or wrong or how you should or shouldn't behave. What do you think the moral is in 'White Fang'? Choose from those listed below or make up your own. Explain your choice.
•    It is unkind to use others to get something you want.
•    When you are good in your heart, good things happen to you.
•    Freedom is our most important gift.
•    A true friend will protect you.
•    When you move to another place, you must follow the rules there.
•    We should be kind to animals.
•    Your own