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Chapter 9


Weedon Scott and Matt took White Fang to their cabin and helped him get back his strength. At first, White Fang could not move or eat. He watched everything Weedon did with one eye.
"I don't like the way he looks at you, Mr Scott." "I don't think he'll hurt us." "But he's a wolf! He's wild!"
"I think there's some dog in him. I can't be sure, but there's something about him which is like a dog."
White Fang always felt like both a wolf and a dog. He felt more like a wolf when there was danger, and more like a dog when a human loved him. Weedon made him feel more like a dog and White Fang followed him everywhere. He let Weedon touch his head but was ready to kill anyone who tried to hurt his new master.
The day came when Weedon had to leave Fort Yukon to go home to California. He had a wife and children there, and his work in the north was finished.
"What about the wolf, Mr Scott?"

"Take care of him, Matt. I can't take a wolf to California. Write to me about him."
White Fang saw Weedon's suitcases, and he knew something was wrong. Matt locked White Fang in the cabin, then he and Weedon got on the boat for California. White Fang heard the boat whistle. He knew his master was leaving, and this thought made him crazy. He jumped and clawed at the doors. He howled as loudly as he could. He heard the boat whistle again. Finally, he went to one side of the cabin, and looked at the closed window.
Then he ran with all his strength and jumped through the glass and out into the snow.
Weedon was on the boat saying good-bye to Matt. Matt was the first one to see White Fang.
"I don't believe it!"
Weedon turned around and saw White Fang with his bloody nose and head sitting on the boat behind him. "I think he went right through the window!" "What are we going to do?"
"Well, Matt, I guess I'll write to you and tell you how he's doing in California!" "You mean..."
"Yes, I'm taking him with me. I can't leave him here. He's too special."
And so White Fang went to California with Weedon, but Weedon was worried about the wolf. White Fang did whatever Scott wanted, but Weedon knew that if the wolf-dog bit anyone, people would kill him.
The boat arrived in San Francisco. For the first time, White Fang saw cars and streets and tall buildings. There were many, many people walking around. White Fang did not like the cars, and the people looked at him and pointed. Some tried to touch him and he showed them his teeth, but Weedon trained him.
"No! You don't bite here."
White Fang did what his master said, but things were very difficult for him there. A cabman tried to take Weedon's suitcases and White Fang growled and did not let him touch them until Weedon returned. Weedon's wife ran and hugged her husband when she saw him. White Fang thought it was an attack. He jumped at her, but Weedon caught him before he could attack her.
"No! It's O.K."
"Weedon, why did you bring a wolf here? He'll kill someone!" "Perhaps it's going to be more difficult to keep him than I thought."
Now Weedon was not sure he could keep White Fang with him in California. But what else could he do with him?




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Read or listen to Chapter 9 and answer the questions.
1          Why did White Fang follow Weedon Scott everywhere?
2          What made White Fang crazy?
3          Why was White Fang's nose bleeding?
4          Why did Weedon decide to take White Fang to California?
5          What did White Fang do when people tried to touch him?
6          What did White Fang think when Weedon's wife ran and hugged Weedon?

What do you think?
1          Why did White Fang watch "... everything Weedon did with one eye"?
2          Why do you think White Fang wanted to go with Weedon so much?
3          Do you think it's okay to keep animals in the city? What kind of animals? Why/why not?

Language Practice
I  Use the correct form of the verbs in the box to fill in the gaps.
1          Dave's mum told him that…………his homework is important.
2          It's a good idea to…………the door when you leave home.
3          Jack……….loudly to call his dog.
4          Bob…………a poem for his homework.
5          ………………is a way to show someone you can
//  Use the following phrases from Chapter 9 to make up story of your own and write it in your notebook.

I don’t believe it!
What are we going to do?
I can't be sure!
What else could he do?
It's OK

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