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Beauty Smith

Beauty Smith was a horrible man, and White Fang didn't like him. He came to Gray Beaver's tepee one day with a bottle of whiskey. White Fang stood up and growled, ready to attack. "It's O.K.,White Fang - He's a friend.
" White Fang sat down and watched the ugly man carefully "I thought you might like to have a drink with me. It gets cold at night, and this keeps you warm."
At first Gray Beaver did not like whiskey, but he began to like the way it made him feel. One drink made him want more, and every night Beauty Smith came with a new bottle. Finally, Beauty Smith told Gray Beaver he could get him a box of whiskey to take home with him. When he brought it to him, Gray Beaver was surprised at the price.
"Three hundred dollars? That's too much!" "Well, that's for the bottles you and I drank together too. You didn't think they were free, did you?"
"I need to take this money back to my family. We can't live without it!"
"If you don't pay me, I'll go to the police." Gray Beaver was worried.
"I'll tell you what. Give me the wolf-dog and keep the money."
Gray Beaver now knew that this was all a trick and that he was a fool. He had no choice. He had to bring that money home, and so he agreed.
White Fang, of course, did not understand the men's words, but when Beauty Smith came to take him, he attacked him and tried to bite his hand.
"Put a rope around that animal or he'll kill me!"
Don’t worry, I'll take care of him." Gray Beaver put a leather lead around White Fang's neck, and
Beauty Smith took him and tied him to a tree outside his cabin.
White Fang bit through the lead and ran back to Gray Beaver, but then they put a metal chain around the wolf-dog. Now he could not escape.
White Fang could not understand why he was with Beauty Smith and he did not like it. Beauty Smith beat him with a club  and did not feed him. White Fang did not attack him again, but Beauty Smith did not trust the animal, so he put him in a cage, Beauty Smith brought other men and dogs to look at White Fang in his cage. The men laughed and this made White Fang very angry. The one thing White Fang hated was men laughing at him. He thought that if he was ever free again, and a man laughed at him like that, he would kill him.


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Beauty Smith 7

Read or listen to Chapter 7 and circle the correct answer.

1    Gray Beaver was surprised at the ……….of the bottles
A.  price            B.  name         C. story

2    Gray Beaver needed to take the…………..back to his family.
A. pack                 B.  money          C. close

3    Beauty Smith said that he would go to the………….if Gray Beaver didn't pay him.
A. Indians        B.  group    C. police

4    Gray Beaver put a…….    around White Fang's neck.
A. glove       B. lead                C. weapon

5    Beauty Smith put White Fang in a…………………   
A. canoe        B. cage                C. tent

What do you think?

1. What does "Beauty Smith was a horrible man and White Fang didn't like him" tell us about White Fang?
2. What kind of person was Beauty Smith? Discuss and give examples to justify your opinion.
3. Do you think it is important to pay your debts, even if you must give up something you care about in order to do it?

Language Practice
I  Put the words in the correct order to form sentences.

1          money/family/his/Gray Beaver/for/needed
2          didn't/White Fang/new/like/his/master
3           Beauty Smith/cruel/White Fang/was/to
4            laughed/the/at/men/White Fang

//  Match the words to the pictures. Then, make up sentences using the words.

chain          cabin       rope        lead      cage


Read the following paragraph and guess the meaning of the words printed in bold.

Annie was a well-dressed girl. She always wore pretty clothes and she kept them neat and clean. She usually walked home from school every day with her friends. One day a boy she didn't know spoke to her. He said that her dress was strange-looking. This was not true and he said it on purpose just to be mean. It made Annie angry and she shouted at the boy to be quiet. Annie became sad and a lot of  her friend came to help her. "Get back!" they shouted at the boy.  They pushed him very hard and he fell down. When he got up, he ran away and didn’t bother Annie again.