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Англи хэлний хичээл: Цагаан соёот номын 4-р бүлгийг орчуулан  дасгал ажлыг хийж гүйцэтгэнэ

Chapter 4

White Fang and the Indians

The Indian who petted Kiche was called Gray Beaver. Kiche was his dog and he was interested in her cub. "His father must be a wolf. Kiche is half-dog and half-wolf ..." "... so the cub's more wolf than dog, Gray Beaver." "I'll keep him as a dog and he'll grow up like a dog." "Will you give him a name?"
"He bit me with those white fangs so I'll call him'White Fang'."
The Indians took Kiche and White Fang back to their camp. White Fang saw tepees for the first time. He saw women, children and dogs. But the dogs attacked Kiche and White Fang so the Indians separated them. Dogs and wolves are not friends. Now White Fang also knew that dogs were not his friends.
Kiche stayed tied to a tree next to Gray Beaver's tepee because she could kill the others dogs if there was a fight. She was bigger and stronger than them. But White Fang was free to walk around. The dogs stayed away from him, except for one - Lip-lip. He liked to fight with White Fang, but White Fang was still too small to fight well, so Lip-lip always won.
One day, White Fang found a way to beat Lip-lip. He let Lip-lip chase him. When they were close to Kiche, she caught Lip-lip with her  teeth.After that, Lip-lip also stayed away from White Fang.
White Fang grew up in the Indians' camp, but he wanted to it iuru to the wild and live like the wolves. It was Kiche who made I in u slay. She knew how hard it was in the wild and that they \\ i mid have more food and safety with the Indians.
One day, one of Gray Beaver's friends,Three Eagles, prepared to leave the camp. He was going on a long hunting trip. He took a gun, his tepee, some blankets and food. But he needed a good dog with him, so Gray Beaver let him take Kiche.
White Fang did not understand any of this of course, but when he saw his mother in Three Eagles's canoe, he jumped into the water after them. Gray Beaver pulled White Fang from the water, but he tried to follow his mother again. Gray Beaver had to fight White Fang to make him stay. Finally, when Three Eagles and Kiche disappeared,White Fang looked up at the sky and howled.






White Fang and the Indians

Read or listen to Chapter 4 and put the sentences in the correct chronological order.
a            Lip-lip fought with White Fang.                                                                            ………….       
b            Gray Beaver decided to keep the cub.                                                                ………….   
c            White Fang wanted to follow Kiche.                                                                     ………….   
d            Kiche wanted to live with the Indians because of the food and safety.        ………….       
e            The dogs in the Indian camp didn't like Kiche.                                                   ………….           
f             Three Eagles went on a bunting trip with Kiche                                                 ………….   
g            Gray Beaver named tbe cub White Fang.                                                           ………….   

What do you think?   
1            What did Gray Beaver mean when he said “I’II  keep him as a dog, and he'll grow up as a dog?
2            Why did Gray Beaver have to fight White Fang to make him stay?
3            Do you think you could live in the wild? Why/why not?

Language Practice
Use the correct form of the verbs in the box to fill in the gaps.

         give          fight                beat       let         catch

1              Throw the ball! I can ………….. it.
2              My teacher is very nice. She………….. me use her colours when I  draw.
3              Our dog always ………….. with our cat when he was a puppy, bin now they are good friends.
4             That was an excellent game. The Tigers………….. the Lions 3-2.
5             Sarah …………….. me her pencil because I lost mine.

How much do you remember? Try to answer the following questions.
1             What did Bill and Henry use to try to keep the wolves away from them?
2             Why were Bill's and Henry's dogs leaving their camp?
3            What did Henry do with Lord Alfred's coffin, and why?
4            What was the she-wolf looking for when the weather got warmer and the snow melted?
5            What new smells did the grey cub discover when he left the cave to explore?
6            Why did Kiche run away from the Indians?
7            Why did Gray Beaver name the grey cub 'White Fang'?
B           When was the last time White Fang saw his mother?