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Гэрийн даалгавар 2 -р сарын 12

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Гэрийн даалгавар:
1.    Зургийн хичээл: Классизм зураг
2.    Хүүхэлдэйн театрын хичээл: Ажилсаг улаан тахиа үлгэрийн үгийг багийн гишүүд цээжлэн ирэх
3.    Англи хэлний хичээл: Цагаан соёот номын 3-р бүлгийг орчуулан  дасгал ажлыг хийж гүйцэтгэнэ. Америкийн Элчин Сайдын Яамны Олон нийттэй харилцах албаны дарга Марисса Маурер хүрэлцэн ирж англи хэл дээр унших хичээлийг удирдан орох тул сурагчид та бүхэн хичээлдээ сайн бэлтгэн ирээрэй. Амжилт хүсье!


Chapter 3


t was the she-wolf who heard the men's voices and their sled-dogs, and it was the she-wolf who was the first to leave I tenry's circle of fire. The rest of the wolves left when the men got closer and then followed her trail.
The she-wolf was different from the other wolves. She was faster than them and she knew more about humans.That is why she led the pack and that is why the other wolves did what she did. But the weather stayed cold and they could not find food, so the pack began to separate. Thei she-wolf left with One Eye, an older wolf.
The she-wolf and One Eye traveled many miles together.They found rabbits and a moose to eat. They shared all the food they found. After a few weeks, the weather began to change. The ice on the Mackenzie River melted and slowly the snow disappeared. The she-wolf started looking for something. One Eye did not know what it was but he followed her.
One day, the she-wolf found what she was looking for - a small cave near the river. One Eye did not understand. He thought she was just tired, so he left her alone and went to hunt for food. But when he came back, he heard strange sounds in the cave. And then he knew - he was a father! The she-wolf had five cubs, three males and two females. All of the cubs looked like their mother, except for one male, which was all gray, just like One Eye.
Wolves have many cubs, but not many live.All of the cubs died except It )i 11 le gray one.The she-wolf and One Eye did everything they could to keep him alive. One day One Eye went to hunt for li >od I ml was attacked by a lynx and died.Animals kill or die.That is life in the Wild.

After a few weeks the gray cub began to leave the cave. He learned t look for food along the river and drink from its waters, but he wanted to learn more about the world, so he began to explore the forest. He smelled and heard different things there. Everything was very interesting.
One day the cub smelled something new. Fire and smoke! When he got closer, he saw five Indians sitting around a fire.These creatures were new to the cub, just like everything else. One of them came close to him. The gray cub was interested, but afraid. The hair on his back stood on end and he showed the man his small white fangs.
"Look at his fangs!"
The Indian tried to pet the cub but it bit his hand. The man hit the cub and it cried out.The other Indians laughed.The more the cub cried, the more the Indians laughed. Suddenly, they stopped. They heard something. It was the she-wolf. She came and stood over her cub and growled at the men. The Indians moved back and one of them called out:
The she-wolf stopped growling and turned.
"It's Kiche! She ran away last year when we had no food. Maybe she's living with the wolves now."
The gray cub did not understand any of this, but he saw his mother lower her head and wag her tail. She walked slowly up to the Indian who called her Kiche and he petted her head gently.


TATAX Сонсхоор




Read or listen to Chapter 3 and tick (+) the boxes True or False.


1              The pack began to separate because it was cold.          

2              The she-wolf had five cubs.

3              One male cub was black.

4              One day, the cub saw four Indians.

5              One Indian called the she-wolf Kiche and petted her head.









What do you think?

1              "Animals kill or die. That is life in the Wild." Discuss.
2              Why do you think the gray cub was afraid of the Indian at first?
3              Would you like to have a wolf for a pet? Why/why not?

Language practice

1              Except for maths,

2              Gail was so frightened that

3              When the boy petted the dog*

4              The doctors did everything they could

5              You can't have everything.

a              it began to wag its tail,

b             That is life.

c              to save the patient.

d             Bob did well in all his subjects,

e             her hair stood on end.







Join the two halves to make complete sentences. Then, use the expressions in bold to make sentences of your own.

Guess the meaning

Read the following paragraph and guess the weaning of the words printed in bold.

Last summer, Fred and Harry went away to camp. One day, they prepared to go fishing. They put the things they needed in their baskets. Then, they went to the river with soiffie friends and caught many f ish. They wanted to cook the fish when they returned to camp. On their way back, John and bill, who were stronger, were carrying the fishing baskets. Put then, a brown bear came out from behind a tree. John said "Don't run! It'll chase us!" Everybody froze. Then Fred had an idea. 'Let's throw the fish to it!* So, while the bear was eating, the boys went back to their camp. And, of course, only the bear had fish that day!


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