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The She-Wolf


There are parts of North America that are very, very cold in winter. This is why not many people live there. The land is white with snow and there is ice on the rivers. It is so cold that it is difficult for anything to stay alive.
Two men, Bill and Henry, were on their way to Fort McGurry to bury Lord Alfred. Six dogs pulled a sled that carried his body.  It was almost night-time when they heard the first howl. Bill and Henry stopped the sled and looked behind them. All they could see was white snow.
Then there was another howl.

"It's wolves, Henry, and they're close."
"They're hungry.There's not much food out here for them.We'd better stop and light a fire to keep them away. It's getting dark anyway." The two men found a place in the forest where they could sleep for the night. Bill took out six fish from a box to" feed the dogs, but when he came back, he looked confused.
"Henry, how many dogs have we got?"
"But I saw seven just now when I went to feed them!" "You must be tired.There are only six." In the morning, when the men were ready to move again, they noticed that one of the dogs was missing. "I''ally's not here. He ran away." "Hul where could he go out here?" "Maybe the wolves killed him, Henry.They need food." "And if we're not careful, they'll eat us, too."
The men continued with five dogs.They went as fast as they could, bul Fort McGurry was still some days away.The next night, when they slopped to camp, they heard the wolves again.
"They're slaying close, Bill."
"And we've only got one gun and three bullets. For the first time in my life I wish I had more bullets."
The men were tired and slept deeply. In the morning, another dog, Frog, was missing. The men were very surprised because frog was a clever dog, not like Fatty.
"Why did Frog leave the camp, when he knew that the wolves were out there?"
Then they saw the reason.There, in the distance, in the white snow, stood a she-wolf. But she didn't look exactly like a wolf. She' was bigger and looked a bit like a sled-dog. Her fur was gray, but it looked red when she moved.
"There's your answer, Bill.That she-wolf comes to the camp at night and the male dogs follow her into the forest.Then the wolves kill our dogs."
"Well, Fm going to shoot her the first chance I get. We can't l any more dogs."
They tied the dogs up at night but they still escaped. When there were only three dogs, the wolves did not hide any more. They followed the men out into the open - the she-wolf leading them. The men were afraid, but neither of them said anything. Then, One Far, a sled-dog, escaped in the day. He followed the she wolf into the trees. Bill took the gun and ran after them.
"Thai's it I'm going to stop that she-wolf now!"
One Ear ran after the she-wolf into the forest where the other wolves weir wailing. Bill followed them. Henry heard One Ear cry out in pain, and then he heard a gunshot.Then another gunshot.
And a third one. He knew Bill had no more bullets.The wolves howled. Henry knew that he was now alone.There was nothing he could do to save his friend. He had no gun - and no bullets.



ТАТАХ Сонсохоор




The She-Wolf
Read or listen to Chapter I and answer the following questions.
1    Why do very few people live in some parts of North America?
2    Why were Bill and Henry on their way to Fort McGurry?
3    Why did Bill and Henry light a fire?
4    Why was Bill confused?
5    What did the she-wolf look like?
6    Why did Henry want to shoot the she-wolf?
7    Why couldn't Henry help his friend?

What do you think?
1    Why did Henry say "For the first time in my life, I wish I had more bullets"?
2     Why do you think Henry did not go after Bill?
3     If you were going on a camping trip, what items would you take with you? Why?

Language Practice
Fill in the blanks with the correct prepositions from the box below.
into             in             at           with           to

1    The alarm clock wakes me up at seven ……. the morning.
2    The rabbil ran quickly ………… the forest when it saw the children.
5    In Switzerland, the trees are white ……….. snow in winter.
4    My sister was afraid to go swimming ……… night.
5    Sarah li icd walking ……….. town, hut it was too far.
II Match the correct phrase to each picture. Two phrases are not used. Then, choose one of the two extra phrases and draw a picture of it.


Info the open 

Getting dark

Light a fire

In the distance 

Info the trees

Cry out in pain


What happens next?

Look at the ideas below. Which one do you think happens next in the story? Explain why.


Henry finds a way to kill the wolves.    

The wolves attack Henry. 

The wolves find other food and leave Henry alone.