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Гэрийн даалгавар

  • Уриагаа англи, монголоо цээжлэх
  • Зургийн хичээлийн даалгавар өдөрт 6 ширхэг цаасан дээр зохиомж зурах
  • Шинэ үгийн дэвтэрээ нээх
  • Бүлэг 2-ийн дасгал ажлыг хийх, хуулан бичих, утгыг ойлгон орчуулах, цээжлэх, сонсох
  • Бид Норовын Намтар 14 хоногийн аян зохиож байгаа гол зорилго нь сурагчид багаасаа эмх цэгцтэй байх, хичээлээ сайн хийх ирээдүйдээ чадварлаг хүн болоход нь туслахад оршино. Иймээс сурагчид гэртэй “Норовын Намтар”  зохиолыг уншин өөрийн төрсөн сэтгэгдлээр зохион бичлэг бичин ирэх


Хүүе найзууддаа гэрийн даалгавраа сайн хийж байгаад бүгдээрээ хамгийн сайныг бүтээгч, хамгийн шилдэг сурагч  болцгооё.
Залхуу хойрго байвал тэрнээсээ ичих нь хамгийн чухал


Chapter 2
The Storm

My father was right. I never had any luck at sea. The first ship I sailed on sank in a storm. Pirates attacked the next one, and I became a slave. I escaped from the pirates' ship, and a friendly captain from Portugal took me with him to Brazil. In Brazil, I made money and I bought some land. But something made me go back to sea. Friends wanted me to sail to Guinea to help them find slaves. I said yes, but only because I loved sailing so much.  The day we left Brazil was a beautiful sunny day. There weren't any clouds in the sky, and I could smell the salt from the sea. I was very excited. Then I remembered something.
"What's the date today?"
"It's the first of September. Why? What's wrong?"
"Nothing. I ...just don't like this day."
It was September 1st, 1659.I first left home on exactly the same day only eight years ago. I felt that something bad was going to happen to me. For many days, the weather was perfect. The men sang on board, and everyone was happy. Most of the men asked me about slaves.
"How can you buy a slave?"
"You give coins, sugar, rum, generally small things, to the leader of his tribe."
"And the slave leaves with you?" "He has to."
"What about you, Crusoe? They say you have bad luck at sea. Why did you leave Brazil? Maybe you'll die in a storm."
I didn't like this man. He only had one eye and very few teeth. But I answered him.
"I thought of that. My friends in Brazil can take care of my land. If I die, a friend in Portugal will take my money."
Soon after that, there was a storm. The sky was black and there was a flash of lightning. Huge waves came over the side of the ship. We were close to an island, so we got into a smaller boat and tried to get to the shore. The waves were too big for us.
"Keep her steady!"
"We can't hold her!"
"Look out, we're going under."
A wave as big as a large hill threw the men from the boat, and we were all underwater. I swam as fast as I could. More waves threw me towards the shore. It was difficult to come up for air. Finally, I felt a rock under my feet. I held onto that tightly. When I got to the beach, I saw that I was all alone. There was no one else left on the sea.


Chapter2 Сонсох







The Storm

Listen to the recording and circle the correct item.
The first ship I sailed on sank in a   
a   storm    b   sea    с   shore
The day we left Brazil was a beautiful,    day.
a   cloudy    b   shiny    с   sunny
For many days, the weather was   
a   perfect    b  beautiful    с   awful
He only had one eye and very few   
a   hair    b   teeth    с   money
The sky was black and there was a    of lightning.
a   bolt    b   piece    с   flash
When I got to the    , I saw that I was all alone.
a   sea    b   beach    с   coast

Comprehension questions

1    What happened to the first ship he sailed?
2    What did he do in Brazil?
3    When did he leave Brazil?
4    What did you give to buy a slave?
5    What would happen to his money if he died?
6    Who was on the beach with Crusoe?

Topics for discussion

1    What do you think happened next in the story?
2    Do you have a particular date you don't like? Why?
3    Have you ever been in a storm at sea? What was it like?
4    What do you think the slaves were used for?


A Put the events of the story in the correct order.

a    makes money and buys land
b    pirates attack his next ship and becomes a slave
с    sails to Guinea
d    escapes from pirate ship
e    his first ship is caught in the storm
f    goes to Brazil

1 ……...  2 ………..  3 ………… 4 ………..  5 ………  6 …………

В Look at the cues and write a newspaper report on what happened to Crusoe's ship.
"Queen Mary"/ sink / storm / with hundred men / board / September 1659 / Caribbean Sea.
Ship / leave / Brazil / September 1 st / beautiful / sunny / day. 11 / go / Guinea/find slaves. "Santa Maria" I another ship/ which /be / nearby / last / see / it / September 18th. Soon after that / there / be / storm / and / people / believe / huge waves / sink / ship. Sail< >rs / other ships / see / small parts / "Queen Mary" / ш sea. People / believe / there / be / no survivors.


Гэрийн даалгавраас асуух зүйл байвал сэтгэгдэл бичих хэсэгт бичиж үлдээнэ үү ?



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