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"4-H"   2010 оны 10-р сарын 9-ны өдрийн сургалтын гэрийн даалгавар

1. Chapter 1    "I Leave Home" Бүлэг 1-ийг цээжлэх, дасгал ажлын  даалгаврыг хийж ирэх
2. Шинэ үгийг бичиж ,цээжлэх
3. Зургийн хичээлийн даалгавар хийж ирэх
4. “Норовын намтар “ 14 хоногийн аян  “Норовын намтар” Номыг уншиж тэмдэглэл хийж ирэх, дэвтэр номоо эмх цэгцтэй байлгах
6. 4-Н –ийн Тангараг уриагаа Англи Монгол хэл дээр сайн цээжлэж ирэх.
7. Баг бүр багтаа нэр өгөх


Гэрийн  даалгавар


Daniel Defoe
Retold by Elizabeth Gray

Chapter 1
I Leave Home

My name is Robinson Crusoe. A lot of people know my name, but they only know about some of my adventures. They do not know my life story, and that is why I am writing it now. I was born in England, in the city of York, in 1632. We were not rich, and we were not poor. We were somewhere in the middle. No one in my family sailed or liked the sea, but I was only interested in sailing. My father did not like the idea.
"Father, I want to go to sea. I want to see the world and live a life of adventure."
"It's better to stay here where there are no dangers."
"But everything is dangerous. I can get hurt here, too."
"Son, the men who go to sea have hard lives. They think it's going to be an adventure, and it becomes something worse. If you go to sea, you will be unhappy."  I did not want my father to be angry. My mother understood, so I talked to her about my ideas.
"Mother, I'm eighteen years old! If I don't like my life at sea, I can come back. I don't understand why father doesn't want me to go."
"Your father believes you will be happy here. He can help you find a job. You can make money."
"I can make money at sea. I don't understand his ideas. I might become rich and famous, but I won't if I stay here and do the same things everyone else is doing. Mother, can you talk to father? Can you make him understand?" My mother talked to my father, but he only became more angry. "Robinson, I told you, if you leave this house and become a sailor, you will be the most unhappy person on earth. I will not help you, and you cannot live on your own."
"Your father's right, dear."
"He's not! I'll do what I want, and you will see! I'll be rich. I'll see the world!" I went to sea and left my parents. I remembered my father's words, and some of the things he said began to come true.

Chapter 1 -ийг цээжлэж , шинэ үгнүүдийг бичэж ирнэ.




Chapter 1
I Leave Home Chapter 1 Татах


Read about Daniel Defoe and answer the questions.

Daniel Defoe
Daniel Defoe was born in London, England, in 1660. He became a businessman and travelled around the world a lot.
His first and most famous novel was 'Robinson Crusoe', and was published when Defoe was 59. It is actually based on the true story of Alexander Selkirk who found himself alone on a desert island. Other famous novels by Defoe are 'Moll Flanders' and 'Roxana'. They are all about people who are in difficult situations and struggled through life to survive either physically or spiritually.
Daniel Defoe lived many years ago but evenfjpday it is a pleasure to read his novels. He was a great writer and he is often called the father of the English novel. He died in London, in 1731, at the age of 71.


1    Where and when was he born?
2    When was his first novel published?
3    What is 'Robinson Crusoe' based on?
4    Which other famous novels did he write?
5    What are his novels about?
6    What is he called?
7    When did he die?

I Leave Home

Listen to the recording and tick (/) True or F@im. (Үнэн / худал)
1    Crusoe was born in England.
2    Crusoe was not interested in sailing.
3    His father didn't want Crusoe to sail.
4    Crusoe was nineteen years old.
5    He went to sea and left his parents.

Comprehension questions
1    When was Crusoe born?
2    What was Crusoe interested in?
3    Why did Crusoe want to go to sea?
4    Why did he talk to his mother?
5    What did his father think he would be if he became a sailor?

Topics for discussion
1    What do you think the dangers were when Crusoe went to sea?
2    What job would you like to have?
3    Who do you talk to about your ideas?
4    Do you listen to your parents' advice? Why/Why not?