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Сургалт 170 2014-01-25

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Mongolian 4-H- Advanced English Lesson January 25, 2014

In order to help the students to improve their listening skills in English, the class started with a song, Mockingbird by rapper Eminem. Most of the students couldn’t pick up the words from the song for the first time but hearing it with the lyrics helped them understand the general idea. From the song, students learned new vocabularies and expressions including mockingbird, stiffen up, pull through, we’re all we got, whirl, puzzled, on the move, and backfires etc. Then, we moved on to the topic of the day, Public Speaking. Although most of the students are well aware of the public speaking concept in Mongolian and some of them even go to public speaking clubs, most of the concept and vocabularies concerning public speaking in English were new to them. Students learned to define public speaking in English, and where it originated from. Moreover, students learned the three types of speeches and what they are called in English, and compared and discussed about the difference between them. The lesson continued on with how to prepare a speech and its process outline including choosing a topic, analyzing, research, developing thesis, supporting the ideas, organizing, wording, and preparing to present etc. The newest vocabulary that the students picked up during class was plagiarism, and students learned how to avoid plagiarism.