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Сургалт 169 2014-01-18

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Mongolian 4-H- Advanced English Lesson  January 18, 2014

The topic of this week’s lesson was how to be a good girlfriend or boyfriend which is a subject of interest to many of the teen students who are having a girlfriend or boyfriend for the first time. The new vocabularies included supportive, ensure, premature, solid, endure, compatible, attentive, non-accusing, considerate, immature, and undermine etc. While learning new vocabularies and new concepts used in relationships, students learned about jealous, clingy, nagging, or controlling behaviors which are considered bad characters to bring onto a relationship. Also, students learned behaviors of good girlfriends and boyfriends, and how to appreciate them. The songs of the week were “How deep is your love” sung by Michael Buble and Kelly Rowland, and “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber. How deep is your love was a new song to the students while boyfriend is a song every student knew even though they didn’t really know the meaning of whole lyrics.