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Сургалт 168 2014-01-11

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Mongolian 4-H- Advanced English Lesson

January 11, 2014 Lesson on Economics

The topic of the day was “basics of economics” where the concept of microeconomics and macroeconomics was introduced. The class started with a new song, “Ka-Ching” by Shania Twain, and students learned new vocabularies including greedy, foolishly, mall, broke, loan, mortgage, consolidate, and afford. After a brief presentation on the social science discipline, students watched a video: what is economics in order to better understand the subject. Students seemed to think economics was bit of a complex subject but cover almost every aspect of our lives. Inflation, unemployment, supply and demand curve, scarcity, market, goods etc were the new terms that students learned and it was almost their first time learning the terms in Mongolian as well. Some of these terms were taught during a video: economics cartoon. At the end of the class, we discussed why we and our parents pay tax to the government, what benefit we get from paying taxes, and how it can be explained from the economics point of view as it was shown in the cartoon.