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On the streets of London

For a whole week, Oliver walked during the day and slept in the fields at night. Some kind people gave him food and water. At last, he arrived in London. His feet were bleeding and he sat down on a doorstep to rest. He was wondering what to do when he heard a voice.
Hello, there! What’s the matter?
Oliver looked up and saw a strange boy wearing a man’s coat, which reached almost to the ground, and an old top hat.
“I’m very hungry and tired” said Oliver. “ I’ve been on the road for seven days”.
“Come with me and I’ll busy you something to eat”, said the boy. “My name is Jack Dawkins, but they call me the Artful Dodger”. After a meal of bread and cold meat, Jack Dawkins began to ask questions.


Have you got any money?
Do you know anyone here?
I suppose you want somewhere to sleep tonight, don’t you?
Oh yes, please
I know an old man who can help you. Come with me.
Oliver could not believe his luck, and followed his new friend gratefully.
It was late when the two boys stopped outside the door of an old house in one of the poorest areas of city. Jack went in quickly and Oliver followed him up the stairs into a big room at the top of the house.
The walls and ceiling were black with smoke and dirt. An old man with long, greasy red hair was cooking some meat in a pan over the fire, and a few young boys were sitting around a table.
Mr Fagin, meet my friend , Oliver Twist! Said Jack/
The old man smiled, showing long, yellow teeth like a rat, and shook Oliver’s hand. The boys all jumped up and shook Oliver’s hand too. One boy took his cap, another his handkerchief, and a third checked his pockets.
The old man laughed and hit the boys playfully with the fork. Oliver sat down at the table with the other boys and looked around the room. A lot of colorful silk handkerchief were hanging on a line across the room. Oliver stared at them curiously. They looked too clean for that dirty room.
“Ah, you’re admiring out handkerchiefs”, said Fagin.  We’ve just washed them, my dear!
He laughed again and all the boys laughed, too. Oliver didn’t know why they were laughing, but  he thought they were all very cheerful and friendly. After supper Jack showed him where to sleep- a mattress on the floor- and Oliver fell asleep at once.
The next morning Oliver woke up late and Fagin told him that the other boys were at work. Soon Jack and his friend, Charley Bates , came back. Jack gave Fagin two well- made wallets, and Charley had four silk handkerchiefs.
Fagin showed the things to Oliver.
Look, Oliver, what clever boys they are. Would you like to learn to come home every day with wallets and handkerchiefs like these, hmm?
Oh yes, sir, if you’ll teach me!
Fagin  and the boys laughed loudly, then they began to play a game. Fagin put some things into his pockets and the boys tried to fake them out secretly. If Fagin felt a hand in his pocked, or saw one of the boys, Fagin was the winner. If the boys got the things without Fagin noticing, then they won the game. Oliver watched the boys carefully and soon he wanted to play, too. He learned quickly and Fagin was pleased.
A few days later, Fagin let Oliver go out with Jack and Charley. For a long time they walked around slowly, then suddenly Jack stopped. He pointed towards an old gentleman, standing outside a bookshop and whispered,
He’ll do!
Perfect! Agreed Charley.
Oliver didn’t understand. He couldn’t see anything special about the old gentleman. He was reading a book from the stall outside the shop and didn’t seem to notice anything around him. Jack and Charley walked slowly towards him, then quick as a flash, Jack pulled the handkerchief out of the old man’s pocket and the two boys disappeared round the corner.
It was then that Oliver understood that Jack and Charley were thieves. He turned to run away but the old gentleman saw him and realised his handkerchief was not in his pocket.
"Stop thief!" he shouting "Stop thief!"
Oliver was terrified. He ran like the wind , but suddenly he slipped and fell. The crowd stood round him and old gentleman looked down at him sadly.
"Yes, I'm afriad this is boy."
At that moment the man from the bookshop arrived.
"This boy is not the thief," he axplained."I saw everything from my shop! Two other boys stole the handkerchief!"
The old gentleman looked at Oliver's pale face and his innocent, frightened eyes.
"This boy is ill! Get a carriage. I'm taking him to my home."
Oliver closed his eyes and remembered nothing more.



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